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Making old RVs new again! Join us as we share information and videos about the RV Redo and Renovation of our RV, plus wonderful updates about what others have done with their RVs.

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Giving old RVs a full makeover, is one of the most fun and exhilarating things you can do! Join us as we explore and share all the wonderful and innovative changes you can make to your RV into a Dream Machine! See our videos below on where we gave our New Old RV a complete makeover, updating and upgrading everything, inside and out. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn about new developments, accomplishments, and traveling adventures.
This New Old RV - The Renovation and Redo
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Our RV Videos!

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RecPro RV Loveseat Couch Overview, Plus: New Armrest Cup Holder Accessory
This is our new Charles 58 inch Double Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa Loveseat from RecPro. We did a full overview of the Loveseat, plus talk about their New Armrest Cup Holder Accessory!
RV Solar Powered Motion Detection Exterior Light
We added a new RV Solar Powered Motion Detection Exterior Light. No more looking for the key hole late at night. Maybe even scare off unwanted guests.
Great Place to RV! Solid Rock RV Park, Eastland, TX
We love this RV Park! Nice folks that really take care of you. Fantastic lakeside RV Park. All the amenities!
Our New RV Tow Car (the Toad) 2015 KIA Soul
Check out our new RV Tow Car. It's a 2015 KIA Soul. We are ready to get a tow package to takes this dude on trips. Check back for updates!
First RV Adventure Part 2 - Des Moines State Capital Building
Part 2 of our first trip. We were on our way to AirVenture in Oshkosh and stopped at the Des Moines State Capital to do some sight seeing and get some shoots. Check out the central towering dome, which is constructed of iron and brick and covered with thin sheets of pure 23-carat gold!
Our First RV Adventure - Sleepy Hollow RV Park, Oxford, Iowa - BEAUTIFUL!
Finally, after renovating the interior of our 2005 Coachmen Santara RV, we made our first trip. We were on our way to AirVenture in Oshkosh and stopped at Sleepy Hollow. We loved it so much, we extended our stay. (my wife even caught a bass!)
Our RV Battle Born Lithium Battery Placement
It's been a while since we've done an update on our RV. Since the interior is done now, we kind of turned our thoughts to solar.
No more Spilled Drinks in the RV! The Table and Couch Coaster
We found a solution to spilled drinks while traveling in our RV, the Table and Couch Coasters! A very innovative idea!
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HAVING TROUBLE KEEPING YOUR RV COOL? Transform your emergency exit into a large functional window with a removable screen to create airflow and keep the bugs out. WE SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS YEARS AGO!

RV Newbie 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Hit the Road (FULL TIME RV LIVING) - You, Me & the RV

RV Newbie 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Hit the Road (FULL TIME RV Living): We have 10 RV Newbie things that every RVer needs to know for a successful switch to full time life.! These RV essentials will help you start your adventure prepared for anything that may come your way. These few 'what you need to know basics' are perfect for newbies and those with RV experience. This video also shows a day in the life of an RVer.


This is the first video in a two-part series that goes over how we afford to travel and live the RV lifestyle. This first video is all about how we make money on the road. Stay tuned for part two, which is all about how we save money while living the RV lifestyle!
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