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RV Dinette Renovation - This New Old RV

In this video we are doing a total remodel of the slide-out Dinette. All new upholstery and carpet.

This New Old RV - Final Carpet Install & New Gaming Chair from RecPro! - This New Old RV

In this video we finished installed the new carpet under the dinette. We replaced an old chair across from the Loveseat with a new Charles RV Gaming Chair Ottoman with a storage compartment from RecPro.com.

RV New RecPro Loveseat Recliner Install - This New Old RV

In this video we show how we installed a new Loveseat Recliner from RecPro.com. The old couch it replaced was awkward and uncomfortable. Now we'll be able to lean back and watch movies and maybe even take a quick snooze. Our RV is a 2005 31 foot Coachmen Santara RV. Visit RecPro to see all their great Products!
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This New Old RV - Replacing old Carpet and Vinyl - ThisNewOldRV

In this video we show you the new vinyl floor we installed in the RV, plus new carpet on the service covers. The Vinyl flooring is a "floating" floor. All the vinyl planks are glued to each other and not to the floor of the RV. Our RV is a 2005 31 foot Coachmen Santara RV.

This New Old RV - Getting started with Carpet Redo - This New Old RV

Our RV is 12 years old and in dire need of a redo. This is first step in the makeover. Removing all the linoleum and carpet and replacing it with a new vinyl floor.

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