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This weekend we installed new double window shades that we ordered from camping world

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Installation is pretty easy. Each shade comes with 2 to 3 mounting brackets that screw directly into the wall above the windows.

To install the shade, you need to bring the top bar of the shade up at a 45 degree angle and put the outer of edge of the mounting bracket into the slot inside the top bar. Then it's just a matter of pushing the back of the top bar up with your thumbs until you hear a click, letting you know that the bar is locked in place.

Then we pulled the shade down and screwed the plastic string mounts to the wall, making sure that the string on both sides was fairly taught. The shades use these strings as a guide to move up and down and to also hold the shade firmly against the window and wall.

The shades in the living area of the RV are two types of shades. The bottom shade is somewhat shear, allowing you to see in an out of the RV.

Check out the video below to see the full install:

This New Old RV - The Renovation and Redo
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