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The cabinet doors are made from a very fine wood, but the sun-bake orange of the varnish has gone right down into the wood. We tried stripping the varnish to the remove the color, but it didn't work. Orange to the bone! The rest of the cabinets are fake wood, with photographic vinyl on them. They haven't changed color since they were new.

Here's a photo I found on a dealer's website, showing what the doors looked like when they were new. We have no choice but to paint the doors. Dang it!

My first thought was "This should be pretty easy.... NOT!" This RV has 35 cabinet doors!! Holey moley! We gave them a good cleaning with lacquer thinner and used a pneumatic spray gun to put on the first sealing primer coat, Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer, and then the final coat with the color we chose.

Not too bad. I have to say that it does brighten things up a bit.

This New Old RV - The Renovation and Redo
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