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This carpet looks tan, but the original color was silver/gray. Mr. Sunshine has done a number on it over the years. The linoleum is just damn ugly.

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Removing the dinette and the couch was fairly easy, just a few screws. BUT, the carpet had heavy duty staples placed about every half inch or less.

I was surprised at how easy it was to pull up the linoleum. Apparently the installers used small applications of glue, spread out on the floor base.

Time to head to the dumpster! It took a full day, plus multiple explitives to get everything up. THEN we had to go back in with a pair of pliers and pull out all the staples that were left in the wood.

It's NAKED! This is the exposed base that was under the dinette and couch.

Now the slider's rollers don't have the carpet to ride on, I needed to test the slider to see if will properly roll on these sample vinyl pieces of flooring. I got the vinyl flooring from Lowes. (

I installed just enough vinyl to give the slider one final test. Since I was unable to remove all the carpet under the slider, it now transitions from the edge of the vinyl onto what's left of the old carpet. I put whatever I could find laying around on top of the slider floor to add some weight as a test. I also sprayed painted the exposed carpet with some flat black paint to make less visible. Check out our video:

Now it's time to finish installing the rest of the vinyl throughout the RV. Be sure and check back!

This New Old RV - The Renovation and Redo
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