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This New Old RV - The Renovation and Redo
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RV RENOVATION ON A BUDGET - Step by Step RV Makeover
Video created by Liz Fenwick DIY
Today's video is a RV Renovation on a budget. Step by step RV Makeover.
Vintage RV Renovation BEGINS! And We Have No Idea What We're Doing
Video created by The Endless Adventure
We're finally starting work remodeling our vintage camper van RV! We have absolutely no idea what we're doing and are running into seemingly endless problems, but it's been super exciting and fun to start fixing things and slowly create the camper of our dreams.
RV Dinette Renovation
Video created by This New Old RV
In this video we are doing a total remodel of the slide-out Dinette. All new upholstery and carpet.
This New Old RV - Final Carpet Install & New Gaming Chair from RecPro!
Video created by This New Old RV
In this video we finished installed the new carpet under the dinette. We replaced an old chair across from the Loveseat with a new Charles RV Gaming Chair Ottoman with a storage compartment from RecPro.com.
This New Old RV - Replacing old Carpet and Vinyl
Video created by ThisNewOldRV
In this video we show you the new vinyl floor we installed in the RV, plus new carpet on the service covers. The Vinyl flooring is a "floating" floor. All the vinyl planks are glued to each other and not to the floor of the RV. Our RV is a 2005 31 foot Coachmen Santara RV.
This New Old RV - Getting started with Carpet Redo
Video created by This New Old RV
Our RV is 12 years old and in dire need of a redo. This is first step in the makeover. Removing all the linoleum and carpet and replacing it with a new vinyl floor.

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