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This New Old RV - The Renovation and Redo
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RV REMODEL - Build a Custom POWER Console
Here's how Brian built a custom console from pieces of his RV dinette that he removed in the first video. The new console also adds more USB plugs, a 12 volt plug and a 120 Volt AC outlet right next to the new recliners.
RV REMODEL - Recliner Install on RV Slide
Tito is remodeling his 11 year old class C RV and installing powered wall hugger recliners in place of the dinette. In this video he repaints the walls, installs carpet on the slide out, installs an electrical outlet, and installed the RecPro recliners.
RecPro RV Furniture Review
A review by new RecPro customer Dan, about his new theater seats!
Check out the Great RV Furniture at RECPRO!

RV Furniture Upgrade | I Love RV Life
RV furniture upgrades. New sofa, new recliners and a small 38 inch ottoman.
RV Dinette Renovation
In this video we are doing a total remodel of the slide-out Dinette. All new upholstery and carpet.
This New Old RV - Final Carpet Install & New Gaming Chair from RecPro!
In this video we finished installed the new carpet under the dinette. We replaced an old chair across from the Loveseat with a new Charles RV Gaming Chair Ottoman with a storage compartment from
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