Winterize Your RV!

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This New Old RV - The Renovation and Redo
Here's a great video about winterizing your RV by All About RV's. Everything you need to know to about how to do it!

Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze, 50F 6 Gallons

6 Gallon Case Marine, RV, Pool Non Toxic Antifreeze Safe for copper, brass and all types of plastic. Non-toxic virgin propylene glycol formula. Protects water systems & engines from freeze ups during storage. Contains corrosion inhibitors to protect all metal engine components and seals.

Plastic Hand Pump Kit

Fills your fresh water lines with non-toxic RV antifreeze. Connects to outside water inlet.

Air Compressor Quick-Connect Plug To Male Garden Hose Faucet Blow Out Adapter with Valve

Blowout adapter with shut-off valve to winterize your recreational vehicles (RV), motorhome, camper, boat, watercraft, and travel trailer by blow out method. This is a safer, healthier, and environmentally friendlier winterization tool when compared with those winterizing kits that use antifreeze. Flexible hose allows the adapter to access tight spaces and minimizes stress on pipes and fittings. Pre-assembled length: 11.5 inches approx. Pressure rating: 250 psi. 100% outdoor rated, virtually indestructible, impervious to water and oil.

Air Compressor, 6 gallon

6 gallon pancake maximizes portability and stored air. Durable, oil free pump for long life and no maintenance. 150 max PSI to ensure adequate cut in pressure for a variety of applications. 2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI allows for quick compressor recovery time. Voltage - 120 volt. Easily starts up in cold weather. 13 piece accessory kit includes: 25' X 1/4inches Pvc air Hose with coupler and plug assembled, tire chuck with plug, blow gun with plug, tire gauge, blow gun with OSHA safety nozzle, rubber tip, three inflator adaptors.

Vented Sewer Cap-Keeps Tanks Dry and Odor Free While Stored Away

Keeps RV waste tanks dry and odor-free during storage Great for winterization or when your RV isn't in frequent use One molded piece with a gasket; bright orange for clear visibility Compatible with 3" sewer waste valves

Water Heater/Tank Rinser

Cleans sediment out of RV hot water heater. Attach garden hose and insert into drain opening. Includes shut off valve. Helps extend the life of your water heater. Lifts sediment that collects at the bottom of your water heater. Cleans sediment out of RV hot water heater. Includes shut off valve.

Orange Citrus Scent RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins

Eliminates odors and helps break down waste in the RV holding tank. Ultra-Concentrated: just one drop-in treats up to a 40 gallon tank. Does not contain the toxic, formaldehyde-releasing ingredient bronopol. RV and marine approved; Safe for all septic tanks. Fresh citrus scent, 15 drop-ins/bag.

RV Tire Covers Set of 4

WATERPROOF & DURABLE - made of 600D high density Oxford fabric with PVC backing which is much thicker than canvas,can endure weathering from seasonal weather changes, and won't be torn apart in dry air like pure PVC or vinyl covers